Reasons Why You Might Do a Detox

The Detox Revolution (that’s what I am calling it) has been around for a while, but I feel like it has picked up momentum over the last decade or so. If you are anything remotely health conscious, I am sure you hear the world “detox” quite regularly. 

You may be prompted to immediately think of juice cleanses, the ones that last for like, billions of weeks and may leave you emaciated yet, “able to fit into your size 000 jeans.” Although some pretty heavy-duty juice detox programs can give you some of those ghastly results, detoxing is much, much more than that. So much so, that when you start to really delve into the nitty gritty of all things detoxing, your head will start to spin and you may even become a little discouraged.  

It almost feels like “I will NEVER be fully clear of chemicals and toxins,” and the sad truth is that you won’t.  Chemicals and toxins are EVERYWHERE, However, there is plenty to learn about toxins and chemicals before we start fearing every single item on this earth with a funny, long, and unfamiliar name. Furthermore, there is plenty you can do that can significantly decrease the amount of toxins and chemicals swimming in your blood and veins to help reduce the risk of health issues related to a toxic body/ environment. 

What are toxins? 
Toxins are substances or by products created by living beings (all animals, plants, humans, etc) and metals/chemicals. Some come in natural forms (lead, mercury) and some are man-made (medications, plastic containers, face and body lotions, etc). Each living organism or item has its own significant level of toxicity. Some may be harmful, but only in large doses, like eating 12 pounds of apples in one sitting. Who does that? Answer:  no one.  

So, you don’t have to worry about THOSE naturally occurring chemicals. However, some items may be considered harmful and “toxic” even in small doses. Some may need repeated exposure over time. Some may cause an effect within 24 hours of exposure (hello, food poisoning!). 

By contrast, significant scientific uncertainty remains about the long-term consequences of “modern” toxic threats to health from air, water, and soil pollution produced by unsustainable level of production and consumption. This form of environmental contamination may either be from natural compounds that are concentrated by industrial processes, or from exclusively non-natural substances. Non-natural toxic threats alone represent a major potential problem.  

So, you see what I mean when I say that it is pretty much near impossible to avoid toxins 100%. They really are everywhere.  Which leads to my second point: Detoxification 

Why detox? 
Like I mentioned above, overtime these toxins can start to breakdown your cells and tissues in your body. Some may interfere with your body’s way of functioning at the cellular level, which is pretty intense because we owe every function of our body and organs to those teeny tiny cells. Toxins and chemicals are also known to cause free radical damage. Free radicals are highly reactive and have the potential to cause damage to cells, including damage that may lead to cancer. 

 Free radicals are formed naturally in the body. In addition, some environmental toxins may contain high levels of free radicals or stimulate the body’s cells to produce more free radicals. 

So yeah, toxins and chemicals are not so friendly to the body. The more they linger and the greater the concentration, the more damage they are creating in our bodies. 

What ingredients are listed on the food label? 
Detoxification is more than just drinking a bunch of juices for several days and barking at anyone that comes across your path because the word “hangry” has taken a whole new meaning when juicing. 

I encourage you to start paying attention to ingredients and names found in food items, household cleaning products, hair/face/body products and even clothing and fabrics. 

Start educating yourself and do some research. Then set some standards for yourself and/or your family. Will you start to buy organic foods? Will you start to purchase cleaning products with ingredients are that considered “non-toxic” and safe? Will you purify your water and air systems regularly? These are one of those cases where it’s pretty harsh to quit all things toxic cold turkey. You will overwhelm yourself; it can get expensive and your family will think you are nuts. (I have been preaching fewer toxic environments to my husband for a few years now and he STILL thinks I’m bonkers). Start small. Ease your way into it. And always continue to educate yourself with credible information and research.