Tips for How to Do a Detox

The best way to rid yourselves of chemicals and toxins is to eliminate them as best you can, either by removing/limiting the exposure and/or by detoxification. 

Today I am going to talk about my personal efforts and standards of living a chemical and toxic free life as best I can. 

I Choose Organic (as best I can) 
“To buy organic or conventional…that is the question” 

And what a question it is!  I must hear the term organic referring to food at least once per day. The heated debate boils down to this:  farmed produce is exposed to a lot of natural occurrences:  bugs, critters, environmental damage, natural ripening process…etc. Once it’s all said and done, the food product may not be optimal to sell in stores, hence not being purchased, thrown out and money wasted.  

Some companies feel the need to bring in pesticides, weed deterrents and other types of man-made solutions to aid in the produce reaching the supermarket and eventually the fridge, in the most optimal and appealing condition for the consumer. But to what expense? Companies argue that pesticides used on our foods are used in levels that are “safe for consumption”.  

Well, I am certainly no rocket scientist, but if these chemicals are strong enough to kill critters of all sizes, how can it not be affecting my teeny tiny cells that are responsible for my body’s total function? Granted one conventional apple won’t kill me on the spot, but I do love my apples and peanut butter, and if I am consuming an average of 6 apples per week, every year for 40 years plus…. won’t that have some type of effect on my body eventually?  

So, my personal choice has been to choose organic as much as I can. I know it can get expensive, and it may not always be available, but below is the ever-popular list of which foods you can kind of tip toe around and buy conventional to help the wallet situation out. The Dirty Dozen are foods that are recommended to buy organic. The Clean Fifteen are foods that you can work around. 

Food detoxification 
I have heard so many types of food detoxications programs. Detoxes with whole foods, detoxes with lemon juice, honey and spices, detoxes with juicing alone…etc… like seriously, if I had a nickel for every type of food detox I have come across in my life span! Whatever you come across and consider, I urge you to do your research!  Know your facts. Consider your current healthy condition and when in doubt, consult your medical provider! 

With that being said, I recently did a 2-day juice cleanse to give my digestive system a rest and allow my body to reset, but for the most part, I choose foods that I know will allow my body to cleanse itself and naturally detox. Fibrous fruits and veggies are great for “scraping the walls of the colon” and encouraging bowel regularity, which is key in preventing a toxic intestinal environment. Deep green leafy veggies and cruciferous veggies are known to naturally detox the body in a way that it allows the liver to turn toxins into a substance your body can easily eliminate.  

So yes, you can eat food and detox your body at the same time by choosing whole foods (fruits and veggies) with lots of color and fiber. 

I choose natural face/body products 
Did you know that your skin is considered the “largest organ” on your body? Did you also know that the best way to absorb anything into your body is through your skin? It’s hard for me to not think about all those times I have put on lotions, moisturizers, cleansers, make up, etc. with a long list of scary sounding chemicals and the amount that was absorbed into my skin and throughout my body. 

There are so many resources and companies out there that offer all different types of “natural” products. I read the ingredients list, I research the company and I educate myself before I make a purchase. I would be lying if I said that 100% of my personal care products are chemical free. My makeup, for example, is not, however there are many companies out there that are starting to omit some harmful ones like “parabens” and I can easily find them at pharmacy stores. Every time I make a new makeup purchase, I make a conscious effort to choose one with minimal chemicals and slowly build a new stash of the good stuff. 

I choose my environment 
Ever had a job that as soon as you walked through the door you can sense the tension and negativity right away? That is everyone’s energies playing off of each other. If you have a few negative nellys lingering around, it can be enough to change the dynamic of your environment, and it’s not going to be a good one, especially if said “nellys”  are vocal about their feelings day in and day out….for all eight hours.  

The same goes for families, friends, cultural groups etc…  if there is someone in your life that is emitting this kind of negative energy and it is easily affecting you, do your best to remove it. Some may be completely unavoidable, but doing a good cleanse of your social environment will make a huge difference. Surround yourself with people who emit good energy, good vibes, good thoughts…those who will encourage you and support you and motivate you. Those are the kind of people you want in your life everyday. Good vibes, man! 

I’ve also read that plants make for great air purifiers. I did some research and purchased plants that best suited our home. A living plant gives off the energy of life. Good energy!  Good energy + cleansed air = lots of happy little plants sitting in at least each room of my home. 

Plants make for a healthy, positive environment. Like I have mentioned before, there are so many ways to cleanse and detox yourself. I urge and courage you to do your research and know your facts well. Choose what is best for you and your lifestyle. Everyone is different. And a little bit definitely goes a long way.  

Not everything I read or incorporate into my life is science based, just for the sole purpose that some things cannot be studied and published in a scholarly journal. In those cases, I read more about the person or company providing the information and I check their credentials and resources as well. With those facts and my intuition, I make the decision what I incorporate into my life.