What is “Sober Curious?”

While it’s fun to hang out with your friends and enjoy the satisfying taste of alcohol, you should be aware of how many shots you drink and how your friends might hold up during a party. Given that many aren’t as comfortable with drinking beer or wine for their own safety, it is understandable that they may want to stray from consuming drinks that won’t benefit them outside of a party. Thankfully, there have been a few methods to remain sober while still fitting in with the setting.

As part of a new way to keep people safe from drinking habits, people are flirting with the idea of being sober curious. This allows them to be aware of what they’re about to drink and knowing where they’re at.

Mostly made up of middle-aged women, sober curious people don’t drink alcohol while socializing with other people at parties or gatherings; instead, they make their own beverages called “mocktails”, which not only keeps them from being hungover but also helps them remain healthy. Without drinking alcohol, these women end up with nicer skin and even lose weight (on top of not being buzzed from drinking regularly). If you think being sober curious is hard to get into after drinking from time to time, you’d be happy to know that it’s possible to avoid being wasted with homemade drinks that mimic the look of wine and the like.

Being sober curious is a trend that began in recent time, which is already good timing for those wanting to combat the struggles of getting hungover or even any other problems that got them closer to alcoholism. While there have been times where the women involved with the trend would tap into the booze, they feel reducing the need for alcohol would help them remain more alert at social gatherings while also aiming to be healthier as time goes on. You might consider it an ambitious yet welcoming trend on their part, especially if you’re just as invested in being sober curious like plenty of women are.

If done right, you would find the results of being sober curious pleasantly surprising, no doubt due to your blood pressure, insulin, and body weight each receiving proper care from the lack of alcohol. It also helps you act socially aware of your surroundings, keeping you out of trouble as well as free of any hangover compromises.