What Life to Table Means when You’re Road-Tripping

Life to Table is about many things. It’s about living in the moment. It’s about being aware of your actions and activities. It’s about living sustainably and ethically. There are many ways to practice this lifestyle, but it may be difficult to incorporate every aspect of Life to Table at once—especially in certain scenarios. One of those situations? Road-tripping.

For most of us, flying is the primary means of long-distance travel. When you take a flight somewhere, you focus on the destination; maybe it’s home, or perhaps it’s an old friend’s house. Road-tripping is different. When you choose to road trip somewhere, you get in the car and drive for the sake of driving. The lure of the road is both undeniable and eternal, and the freedom of choosing your path is enticing to even the most schedule-driven of us.

However, many of us do not know how to properly road trip. This is one of the few modes of travel where the journey is more important than the destination, but we tend to forget that along the way. Maybe the trip is proving to be too long. Maybe you’ve been sitting so long you can’t feel your legs. Maybe a fight broke out between two members of the caravan. Somewhere along the way, you might lose sight of the fundamental joy in road-tripping—enjoying the experience.

If you want to road trip and practice the Life to Table philosophy, make a plan, but nothing rigid. Don’t do too much research about your destinations, and don’t have any expectations. Make playlists for certain legs of the trip and stop whenever something piques your interest. A road trip shouldn’t be a march toward something; it should be an exploration of the path.