What Life to Table Means when You’re Traveling Europe

Every American should visit Europe. From small towns to bustling cities, train rides to rented bikes, this opportunity is one you should never pass up. If you’re living strategically with Life to Table, you might think there will be too many moments to actively capture and remember. This time will be one that you revisit fondly with friends, family, and partners as a life-changing experience.

However, traveling to Europe necessarily means entering and exiting several countries. It means packing strategically and traveling smartly. Necessarily, it means handling dozens of bureaucratic and planning-related chores. You’ll need to secure necessary visas, book hostels, figure out transportation, and find ways to cut cost corners on the way. Exploring Europe is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, but it comes with some stress and hard work.

So, what does Life to Table mean while traveling Europe? Balance. Sure, you’ll need to complete and address a number of boring, logistical tasks. You might have to rush through a museum so you can catch a train, or maybe you have to skip breakfast in a city to check into your next hotel on time. These tasks are both stressful and menial, but think of them as hurdles you need to overcome.

Additionally, remember to capture every moment of the experience. Though sitting in customs for several hours might not sounds like the best way to start or end your trip, it adds to your travel experience and knowledge of living. You might be trying to pass the time on a bus or train, but, instead, track of the scenery flying by. Savor moments of liminality and quiet—they’re a great way to recharge and highten the excitement when it arrives.



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