Mourning the Loss of Wood Ash as a Natural Fertilizer

Some of the fruits and vegetables you eat today have a far less nutritional value than the fruit your grandmother ate. It is my hypothesis that the majority of the people populating this earth will consume fruit of some form at some point in their lives. Whether their partaking will be frequent or rare is a mystery to us all. What we do know is that there is a big nutrition craze going on in America and many people are very excited about it. If I could discover a way to travel back in time beginning from the year 2000 and collect one penny for every time I heard the words organic or anti-oxidant I would be a multi-millionaire. All of a sudden these words popped up on the scene and the world has never been the same. I have personally never seen so many people so concerned about their health and trying to eat better.

I’m very glad that the media has been able to make us aware of the importance of nutrition. However, there is one secret that the media has kept us in the dark on. That secret is regarding the fruits and vegetables that we are consuming. Almost all produce is a great thing to eat, but it is important that we understand that the produce of today is not the same as your grandmother ate in the 1930′s. There is some evidence to suggest that the nutritional value of some fruits has fallen. This is essential to know because you are told that certain fruits have certain nutritional value percentages of certain nutrients which is indeed true. The part that is omitted is the fact that those same fruits were much higher in nutritional value 80, 90 and 100 years ago.

In the early 1900′s electricity was still fairly new, so that meant that people had to cook with wooden stoves. Because people used wooden stoves that also meant that they were going to be left with “wood ashes” after every use, because they needed the wood to heat the stoves. In those days people grew their own food which meant their was no money to waste on going out and buying expensive fertilizer so they took the wood ashes from the stove and dumped them in the garden. Those wood ashes were not just “plain ole ashes.” Those wood ashes were over 60 plant derived minerals that were being put back into their food. When you burn away the carbon from the wood you are left with minerals. I’m still not quite certain who taught them to do this but it was absolutely a genius idea. This method contributed to more nutrient rich fruits and vegetables for our ancestors.

In this modern day you will not catch anyone putting wood ashes on their garden. This is because everyone is using an electric or gas stove so there are no ashes to use! A person who harvest fruits as a business will more than likely use three minerals to fertilize their crops because they get paid for “tons and bushels” not for giving you enough minerals so that you can be healthy. Even if they wanted to in the nutritional value of the crops and put more minerals into the soil they would go broke trying to do so in today’s economy. Just be mindful that while fruit maybe “organic” in nature that does not change the composition of it’s nutritional value per se.